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Driving the Game in Derbyshire

GolfMark is a national scheme that identifies and recognises junior and beginner friendly golf facilities.


Any golf club affiliated to England Golf may apply to gain the GolfMark Award

The scheme asseses golf clubs in three key areas:  


•    Coaching & Playing

•    Club Environment (including sports equity & ethics)

•    Child Protection & Duty of Care




Recognition within the local community for the clubs' commitment to      junior golf.


Promotion via the England Gold website.


Assistance and input from an England Golf Regional Development                  Officer.


A focused plan for the development of the junior section.


Opportunity to review and improve policies and procedures.


Well coached, committed and educated juniors who may become               adult members of the future.


Greater understanding about junior activities within the club by adult             members.


Support & guidance from an England Golf Regional Development                 Officer through finding workshops, sharing best practice, reviewing                 current policies and procedures, writing child welfare documentation         and much, much more.


Once a golf club is awarded GolfMark, they will also be recognised by Sport England as a Clubmark facility.

Golf Mark