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Driving the Game in Derbyshire

The Derbyshire Golf Partnership was established in September 2007 to co-ordinate one development plan for golf in Derbyshire, which mirrors the national "Whole Sport Plan'.  The Golf Partnership changed its name to the Derbyshire Golf Development Group during spring 2016 at the request of England Golf.


As a result of establishing the partnership and plan, Derbyshire golf has attracted investment from Sport England (the agency through which the government implements its sports policy and its investment in all sport in England.)

The main objects of the Derbyshire Golf Partnership are:

•  To promote and increase awareness of the game of golf in Derbyshire

•  To introduce more people to golf regardless of age, gender and background

•  To help people to sustain their involvement and regular participation in golf

•  To educate players on the rules and etiquette of the game

•  To make it easier to join a golf club by improving accessibility and affordability

•  To undertake the training and support of volunteers and coaches

•  To establish an information and knowledge base of standards and best practice

•  To support the development of golfing talent by working with the appropriate bodies


The plan itself consists of three main sections- Start, Stay and Succeed. The first two of these sections covers getting people into the game and retaining them. Succeed as it implies, deals withthe performance end of the game at county and national levels. For more information about the Development Plan,



Management Group


Robert Simpson - Chairman

Matthew Green - (Golf Development Officer)

Claire Parkinson - Treasurer

Pat Holloway - (Representing DLCGA)

Alice Lowe - (Representing DLCGA)

John Barker - (Representing Derbyshire Schools)

James Cooke - (Representing Derbyshire Sports)

Tony Broadhurst - (Representing DUGC)

John Rawson - (Representing DUGC)

Gary Stafford - (Representing Derbyshire PGA)

Andy Carnall - (Representing Derbyshire PGA)

Gareth Shaw - (Regional Development Officer England Golf)

Nigel Furniss - (Development Officer Derbyshire Golf)

Derren Payton - Welfare Officer

About Derbyshire Golf

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